Panyu Hongxing Blister Packing Factory analyzes the demand of the toy industry for blister packaging

Panyu Hongxing Blister Packing Factory explains that there are countless toy factories in China, and toy factories generally choose blister packaging for packaging choices. Because Dongguan Blister Packing Factory has certain advantages in toy packaging in terms of packaging selection.

 For example:

       1, there is a certain advantage in the cost of packaging, ordinary cardboard blister, folding plastic price is a few yuan a dollar. Even if it is a slightly high-grade material, the price of plastic is quite certain, and it can improve the grade of the toy.

       2, blister packaging can be rationally designed according to the model of various toys, mold opening, energy efficiency to prevent the toy from falling off or loosening during transportation or packaging.

       3, the blister packaging with buckle can effectively complete the process of the complete stitching of the toy company, without the need for paper cards or staples for stitching. Thereby beautifying the body surface of the toy packaging, increasing the desire of the customer to purchase the product.

       4, blister packaging all kinds of products, once mass production, short delivery period, in the case of sufficient raw materials in the blister packaging factory, large quantities can be delivered within one day, and the high output can fully meet the toy factory's demand for packaging. Ensure that the customer's delivery to the client is not affected by the supply of raw materials in the toy factory.

      Through the above description, we can easily see that blister packaging is not only a toy packaging, but also many industries can use our blister packaging, food, cosmetics, headphones, small stereo, mobile phone, electronics industry, Wait, in fact, most of these industries are choosing blister packaging, the reason for the choice is exactly as mentioned above. Therefore, plastics is indispensable to these Chinese economic industries, and will form a good supply chain with major demand industries!