Panyu Hongxing Blister Factory shares the choice of plastic products from these aspects

We buy anything that is cheap and good, but if we don't have the experience and rich knowledge, how can we choose a good product, like a plastic tray, if this quality is not good, then The packaging is also very troublesome. So which aspects should we look at?

Panyu Hongxing Blister Factory shares for you:

First, the upper and lower cover type, the lower cover of the tray is responsible for stabilizing the article, the upper cover covers the article to enhance stability, has stability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and has strong protection ability;

Second, anti-static, this kind of tray is more common in the electronics industry, because it can effectively block the contact between static electricity and objects, to avoid damage caused by static electricity.

Third, cost savings, plastic products are very wear-resistant packaging, as long as it is not intentionally considered damage, some plastic products used as turnover can be reused.

4. The plastic tray is not only a kind of carrying props, but also can be used as a props for beautifying products. Ordinary packaging has made consumers feel boring. The creative trays made by plastic trays will make plastic packaging factories. The products are more attractive to customers than their competitors, thus increasing their competitiveness.


Panyu Hongxing Plastic Factory reminds the plastic tray to be used for 3~6 months under normal conditions. Note that its anti-static value will be affected by the environment, air, temperature and humidity, and shorten the anti-static service life. Below conductive and semi-conductive materials, it is recommended for customers who do not use antistatic for a long period of time.