What are the plastic forming molds commonly used in Panyu Hongxing Plastic Factory?

The plastic forming molds commonly used in Panyu Hongxing Plastic Factory include gypsum mold, wood mold, electric wood mold, copper mold and aluminum mold. The cost, cycle and application range of these plastic molds are not many. same:

1, on behalf of the wood mold. The information is substitute wood, the data cost is higher (the size is 500*500, about 4.5 yuan/MM), the CNC processing is required, the manufacturing cycle is short, usually several hours, easy to sand and punch. The data is also relatively crisp, and it is most suitable for proofing under the scene of 3D image files, not for production.

2. Plaster mold. The data is gypsum powder, which is simple to manufacture and correct. Usually, the single-piece mold only needs 1~3 days, and the cost is low. Because the contrast is brittle and the heat dissipation is difficult, the plaster mold is usually used in the case of a sample manufacturing process, and is not used for production.

3, electric wood mold. The information is bakelite, about 20 yuan per kilogram, and requires CNC processing. The manufacturing cycle is slightly longer than the wood, and it is harder to polish and punch than the wood. The data has a certain intensity, suitable for 3D image file proofing and small batch production.

4, copper mold. The first requirement of the copper mold is to use the plaster mold to make the sample, and then the sample plate is used for copper plating and the interior is filled with plaster. When calculating the time of making a plaster mold, the manufacturing cycle of the full-size mold is usually 7 to 10 days. The copper mold has a good appearance and strength, and can reach the usual production request. It is one of the widely used plastic molds.

5, aluminum mold blister. The data cost and manufacturing cost are the highest, about 5 to 10 times that of the copper mold. Usually, the whole mold manufacturing cycle is about 5 to 10 days. Because CNC machining is used, the consistency of the cavity is the best, and the appearance can be polished or sprayed with Teflon, which can obtain the augmented appearance and good release effect. It is the guarantee for manufacturing high-quality plastic products; the heat dissipation of aluminum Fast, if necessary, can also control the mold temperature through the circulating water cooling system, so the molding efficiency is high; aluminum strength is good, can create messy cavity and thin wall, is a must for the messy finished product. Therefore, the aluminum mold is suitable for a large-volume production, a high finished product request, a messy finished product cavity, or a high reinforcing rib. Although the cost is the highest, but because of the high production efficiency, if the goods reach a certain amount in batches, the labor and electricity savings will far exceed the cost of the mold!