PET Bottle box
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Because of its light weight, good toughness and easy molding. Low cost and other advantages, so in the modern industry and daily products, more and more plastics instead of glass, especially in the optical instrument and packaging industry, the development is particularly rapid. However, due to its requirement for transparency, high wear resistance, impact resistance and toughness are good, so the composition of the plastic, the process of injection molding, equipment.

Molds, etc., have to do a lot of work to ensure that these plastics used to replace glass (hereinafter referred to as transparent plastics) have good surface quality and thus meet the requirements for use. The pet bottle has good gas barrier properties. Among the commonly used plastic materials, pet bottles have the best performance in blocking water vapor and oxygen, which can fully meet the special storage requirements of pharmaceutical packaging. Pet has excellent chemical resistance and can be used for packaging all items except strong alkali and some organic solvents.

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Product specifications:9*6.5*21cm