PET plastic box cosmetics product series two
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The physical recycling process of PET plastic bottles is relatively simple, mainly to dry and granulate the cleaned PET plastic bottle waste. The physical treatment of PET plastic bottles is closely linked to the sorting process. There are two main methods of physical recycling: one is to chop waste PET plastic bottles into pieces, separate HDPE, aluminum, paper and adhesive from PET, and the PET chips are washed, dried and granulated; Non-PET caps, bases, labels and other impurities on the waste PET plastic bottles are separated by mechanical means, washed, crushed and granulated. Recycled PET must not contain PVC impurities, otherwise it will affect the color of PET.

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[plastic box classification]: pet plastic box

[plastic box material]: PET / PVC / PP film

[material thickness]: 0.28mm

[Plastic box process]: UV printing, soft line.