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The physical recycling process of PET plastic bottles is relatively simple, mainly to dry and granulate the cleaned PET plastic bottle waste. The physical treatment of PET plastic bottles is closely linked to the sorting process. There are two main methods of physical recycling: one is to chop waste PET plastic bottles into pieces, separate HDPE, aluminum, paper and adhesive from PET, and the PET chips are washed, dried and granulated; Non-PET caps, bases, labels and other impurities on the waste PET plastic bottles are separated by mechanical means, washed, crushed and granulated. Recycled PET must not contain PVC impurities, otherwise it will affect the color of PET.

When the amount of PVC mixed is small, it can be separated manually on the conveyor belt. That is, when the torque is applied, the PVC and PET plastic bottles produce different melting points in the force part, and the broken PET and PVC fragments are passed through the heater and the temperature. The controlled conveyor belt, PVC is melted and adhered to the conveyor belt so that it can be separated from the PET. The label on the beverage bottle can be removed after the bottle has been broken and combined with a blower and cyclone separator.

It can also be separated by a suction tower separation device. The broken PET fragments are vertically added from the top of the separation tower, and the debris forms a countercurrent with the updraft. Using the difference in specific gravity between the PET and the label, the label is removed and the PET is taken out from the bottom of the separator. To ensure label separation efficiency, more than two sets of separation devices can be used in production. Washing of PET chips is very important. Washing often uses 80-100 ° C hot water to soften or dissolve the EVA adhesive or other type of adhesive attached to the label and the base. To prevent the peeling adhesive from adhering to the PET chips, add additives such as water.堿, emulsifier or other special chemicals.

The cleaning liquid is generally determined by the factory according to the source and bonding characteristics of the waste bottle. The cleaning liquid can be filtered and re-heated and recycled. The washing can be carried out in a special cleaning tank equipped with a stirrer. For the cleaning effect, the washing can be carried out using a secondary washing process. PET chips are usually reduced to 2% by using a centrifugal dewatering machine and then dried by a belt or tube dryer to reduce the moisture content to 0.5%.

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Product specifications:7*4.3*13.5cm