PVC plastic box electronic product series two
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1. First taste, PET tastes different from ordinary plastic, burn it with a lighter, and then smell very aromatic and comfortable (just burn a bottle to smell), if the PET contains other ingredients, the taste is very pungent . There is a bottle containing SEBS ingredients that cannot be used.

2, look at the burning part, if the distribution of black or oil droplets is very fast, most of the melting point is not normal, which is often found in PET film.

3, drawing, when burning, pull the wire on the lighter, see the length of the wire is not long, then pull the pulled wire off, see the break point in the middle, the wire is not rolled into a small circle, the more the volume More indicates that the melting point is high.

However, if it is a bottle, it should not be a big problem. The most critical point is to distinguish whether it contains PVC, which is a fatal injury to PET. First sample more, then tiling in a sunny place, PVC is light blue in the sun. If there is a white crease in the fold. The above is the naked eye identification, the accuracy is limited, mainly depends on experience.

There is also a more practical and better way to buy an oven to adjust the temperature to 250 degrees and bake it for half an hour. If the product contains PVC, there will be a lot of yellow spots on the surface; if the melting point is not enough, it will be very fast. melt.

In fact, PET also includes many varieties, such as PET smashed film from foreign factories, slurry blocks, and film rolls less than 30 cm in length, all of which have different customer groups.

The identification of these goods is strongly required to be tested with an oven. In particular, PET reels are a very scarce source of supply throughout the market, generally 80 to 120 cm in length, and the film thickness of 3-5 filaments is very high (white transparent).

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