Transparent plastic box plastic tag series II
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Thermal performance

The softening point of the polyvinyl chloride resin is close to the decomposition temperature. It begins to decompose at 140 ° C and decomposes more rapidly at 170 ° C. In order to ensure the normal processing of the molding process, two most important process indexes, namely decomposition temperature and thermal stability, are specified for the polyvinyl chloride resin. The so-called decomposition temperature is the temperature at which a large amount of hydrogen chloride is released. The so-called thermal stability is the time during which a large amount of hydrogen chloride is not released under a certain temperature condition (usually 190 ° C). Long-term exposure of PVC plastics to 100 ° C will decompose unless an alkaline stabilizer is added. If it exceeds 180 ° C, it will decompose rapidly.

The long-term use temperature of most PVC plastic products should not exceed 55 ° C, but the long-term use temperature of specially formulated PVC plastics can reach 90 ° C. Soft polyvinyl chloride products will harden at low temperatures. Since the polyvinyl chloride molecule contains a chlorine atom, it and its copolymer are generally resistant to flame and flame, and have self-extinguishing properties and no dripping.

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[plastic box classification]: plastic tag

[plastic box material]: PET / PVC / PP film

[Plastic box process]: UV printing, soft line