Transparent plastic box plastic tag series three
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Physical properties

Polyvinyl chloride resin is a thermoplastic having an amorphous structure. Under UV light, hard PVC produces light blue or violet-white fluorescence, while soft PVC emits blue or blue-white fluorescence. When the temperature is 20 °C, the refractive index is 1.544, the specific gravity is 1.40, and the density of products with plasticizer and filler is usually in the range of 1.15~2.00, the density of soft PVC foam is 0.08~0.48, and the hardness of rigid foam is 0.03. ~0.08. The water absorption rate of PVC is not more than 0.5%.

The physical and mechanical properties of polyvinyl chloride depend on the molecular weight of the resin, the amount of plasticizer and filler. The higher the molecular weight of the resin, the higher the mechanical properties, cold resistance, and thermal stability, but the processing temperature is also required to be high, and molding is difficult; the molecular weight is low as opposed to the above. The filler content is increased and the tensile strength is lowered.

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[plastic box classification]: plastic tag

[plastic box material]: PET / PVC / PP film

[Plastic box process]: UV printing, soft line