Transparent plastic box plastic tag series six
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The main features are: 1 does not require drying when used. 2 Very stable at room temperature. 3 Suitable for all plastic molding equipment. 4 can be arbitrarily colored. 5 can be directly added by blending. 6 Improve the impact strength of PET recycled plastic materials. Since the AR-P is dispersed in the recycled PET molding material in a fine state, the interfacial tension is small under the action of the shearing force of the molding process. The viscosity ratio of AR-P to recycled PET molding material is 1, pet plastic factory, which is well dispersed and improves the impact strength of recycled PET molding materials. For example, when adding 5% 'AR-P', the notched impact strength is 2KJ/m2. Increase to 5.5KJ/m2. Increasing the low-temperature impact strength from 1.BkJ/mz to SkJlm2o7 at 10 °C improves the viscosity of recycled PET molding materials, improves the flow properties of PET melt-molded materials, and is suitable for forming complex shapes, extruded products such as profiled materials. .

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[plastic box classification]: plastic tag

[plastic box material]: PET / PVC / PP film

[Plastic box process]: UV printing, soft line