Transparent plastic box plastic tag series nine
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(1) Melting temperature Tm in the production of plastic bottles:

According to the crystalline polymer, most of the macromolecular chain structures are used in the three-dimensional remote ordering transition process, and then converted into a temperature form of the disordered viscous flow state, which can also become the melting point. The formation of this crystalline polymer is based on the lower temperature limit of processing.

(2) Glass transition temperature Tg in plastic bottles:

For the specified unformed polymer, it is mainly based on the transition from a glassy state to a high-elastic state, or it can also be a transition from a high-elastic state to a glassy state, and an automatic movement between macromolecules of an unformed polymer. The temperature is the lowest, which is of course also the upper limit of the temperature of the work of the product.

(3) The temperature at which the plastic bottle does not flow: For the maximum temperature at which no flow occurs, under a certain pressure condition, a certain amount of plastic is directly added to the upper end of the capillary rheometer, when heating one At the temperature, after 10 minutes of constant temperature, pressurization is carried out. If the material does not flow out of the die, the material is heated to 10 degrees after being discharged, and after the heat is kept for 10 minutes, the same pressure is applied. This continues until the melt will flow out of the die, for which the temperature is reduced by 10 degrees, in this case the temperature at which it does not flow.

(4) Temperature Tf flowing during the production of plastic bottles:

This temperature during the production of plastic bottles refers to the high-elasticity of the unshaped polymer to form a viscous flow temperature, which is the lower temperature limit for processing plastics that are not shaped.

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[plastic box classification]: plastic tag

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