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PVC resin is a polar amorphous polymer with a density of 1.380 g/cm3 and a glass transition temperature of 87 °C, so the thermal stability is poor and it is difficult to process. Can not be used directly, must be modified and mixed, add relevant additives and fillers can be used. Due to the different types and fractions of related additives and fillers added, this determines that the properties and requirements of the prepared PVC materials are different.

We usually call it a PVC formulation, strictly speaking a PVC modified formulation, and PVC can only be used after modification.

This class is often classified as a polymer modified material. Material modification mainly focuses on the high performance of general-purpose plastics, the conversion of single-component materials to multi-component material composites (alloys, blending, compounding), functionalization of materials, optimization of performance and price.

The modification methods are mainly chemical modification, filling modification, reinforcement modification, blend modification and nano-composite modification.

The basic principle of modification is to impart material function or improve certain properties through additives.

Therefore, the high level of PVC formulation technology determines the technical and production capacity of a factory. PVC materials with special requirements generally need to be imported from abroad. The more famous foreign companies are United Carbonation Company and Borealis. With the continuous research and development and technology accumulation of China's major research institutes and production units, domestic PVC reform The formula design and manufacture of sexual materials have reached the international advanced level. The company with independent intellectual property rights such as Xuzhou Hanyong New Materials Co., Ltd. has completely replaced foreign imported materials, and many products have been exported abroad.

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[plastic box classification]: toy gifts

[plastic box material]: PET / PVC / PP film

[Plastic box process]: UV printing, soft line