Blister packaging fresh series III
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The PVC plastic profile is mainly composed of PVC resin and additives. The additives are further divided into: heat stabilizer, lubrication agent, processing modifier, impact modifier, filler, ageing agent and colorant. Wait. Before designing a PVC formulation, you should first understand the properties of PVC resin and various additives.

1. The resin should be PVC-SC5 resin or PVC-SG4 resin, that is, polyvinyl chloride resin with a polymerization degree of 1200-1000.

2. Must be added to the thermal stability system. According to the actual production requirements, pay attention to the synergistic effect and antagonistic effect between the heat stabilizers.

3. Impact modifiers must be added. CPE and ACR impact modifiers are available. Depending on the other ingredients in the formulation and the plasticizing ability of the extruder, the amount added is 8-12 parts. CPE has a low price and a wide range of sources; ACR has good aging resistance and high welding angle strength.

4. Add the right amount of lubrication system. The lubrication system can reduce the processing mechanical load and make the product smooth, but the excess will cause the weld angle strength to drop.

5. Adding processing modifiers can improve the quality of plasticization and improve the appearance of products. ACR processing modifier is generally added in an amount of 1-2 parts.

6, the addition of fillers can reduce costs, increase the rigidity of the profile but has a greater impact on low temperature impact strength, should choose a higher fineness of active light calcium carbonate plus, the amount added in 5-15 parts.

7, must add a certain amount of titanium white to shield UV. Titanium white should be selected from rutile type, and the amount added is 4-6 parts. If necessary, UV absorbers such as UV-531, UV327, etc. may be added to increase the aging resistance of the profile.

8. Appropriate amount of blue and fluorescent whitening agent can significantly improve the color of the profile.

9, in the design formula should be as simple as possible, try not to add liquid additives, and according to the mixing process requirements (see mixing problems) in batches according to the order of addition, the formula is divided into I material, II material, III material separately.

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[plastic box classification]: fresh packaging

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[Plastic box process]: UV printing, soft line