PVC Electronic tray
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Polyvinyl chloride has excellent chemical stability and is extremely valuable as an anticorrosive material.

PVC is stable to most inorganic acids and bases and is explained by hydrogen insoluble. Azeotrope with potassium hydroxide to obtain a brown poorly soluble unsaturated product. The solubility of PVC is related to the molecular weight and polymerization method. Generally, the solubility decreases as the molecular weight of the polymer increases, and the solubility of the emulsion resin is inferior to that of the suspension resin. It can be dissolved in ketones (such as methyl ketone, cyclohexanone), aromatic solvents (such as toluene, xylene), dimethylformyl, tetrahydrofuran. Polyvinyl chloride resin is almost insoluble in plasticizer at normal temperature, and it swells and even dissolves at high temperature.

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Product specifications:20.5*29.5*4cm