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The gloss of the package refers specifically to the light-contacting of the surface of the plastic box to form a reflective state, and the better the gloss, indicating that the appearance of the plastic box packaging is more vivid and dazzling. The coloring effect is the brightness that causes the gloss reflection. The better the gloss, the more vivid the color of the color, which makes the plastic box display better. The two can be said to be interdependent. The material of the plastic box will also affect the gloss of the plastic box. Generally, our plastic box printing production mainly uses PP, PVC and PET materials, which can better make the printing ink color uniform, bright and beautiful.

Guangzhou Hongxing, to provide you with professional pet plastic box packaging solutions, we have 12 years of transparent plastic box customization experience, can provide you with any style of transparent plastic box packaging custom business, high quality, delivery on time, stable supply ,trustworthy!

Guangzhou Hongxing, a manufacturer of high-quality plastic boxes in China, has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and QS national industrial license certification. We have several automatic plastic box production lines and food-grade dust-free production workshops.

[plastic box classification]: food packaging

[plastic box material]: PET / PVC / PP film

[Plastic box process]: UV printing, soft line