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(1) General properties PET resin is a milky white translucent or colorless transparent body with a relative density of 1.38 and a light transmittance of 90%. PET is a medium barrier material having a permeability coefficient of 50 to 90 cm 3 · mm / (m 2 · d · MPa) for O 2 and a transmission coefficient of CO 2 of 180 cm 3 · mm / (m 2 · d · MPa). The water absorption rate of PET is 0.6%, and the water absorption is large.

(2) Mechanical properties The tensile strength of PET film is very high, comparable to aluminum foil, 9 times that of HDPE film, and 3 times that of PC and PA film. Reinforced PET has low creep, excellent fatigue resistance (better than PC and PA), good abrasion resistance and abrasion resistance. The mechanical properties of PET are less affected by temperature.

(3) Thermal properties The heat resistance of pure PET plastics is not high, but it is greatly improved after the reinforced treatment. The mechanical properties at 180 °C are better than those of PF laminates, and it is a heat-resistant variety of reinforced thermoplastic engineering plastics. PET has good heat aging resistance, and the embrittlement temperature is -70 ° C, and it still has certain toughness at -30 ° C. PET is not easy to burn, the flame is yellow, and there is dripping.

(4) Electrical properties Although PET is a polar polymer, it has excellent electrical insulation and can be well maintained at high frequencies. PET has poor corona resistance and cannot be used for high voltage insulation; electrical insulation is affected by temperature and humidity, and is affected by humidity.

(5) Environmental properties PET contains ester bonds and is not resistant to water, acids, and alkalis under high temperature and water vapor conditions. PET is stable to organic solvents such as acetone, benzene, toluene, trichloroethane, carbon tetrachloride and oils, and is also highly resistant to some oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite and potassium dichromate. PET has excellent weather resistance and can be used outdoors for a long time.

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[plastic box classification]: food packaging

[plastic box material]: PET / PVC / PP film

[Plastic box process]: UV printing, soft line