Company Culture



Packaging creates value for a better life Vision Creates a well-known brand in the industry to do the core values of Hongxing Centennial Career, abide by integrity, create a superior development concept, and be the main business, stable and far-reaching, talent concept, people-oriented, knowledgeable, risk-oriented, forward-looking and accurate Cautious, cautious, management, legal compliance, intensive and efficient performance, high-quality, sustainable enterprise spirit, concentric cross-organizational atmosphere, simple sunshine, collaborative management, positive image, leading role, employee image, professionalism, innovation For the mission, packaging creates value for a better life. As a packaging enterprise, the corporate mission is superimposed with the Chinese dream and the national dream. We always take the customer as the center and continue to provide professional and efficient services for economic, social and environmental development. The good life of customers, shareholders, employees and stakeholders creates more value. Vision Create a well-known brand in the industry. Do a hundred-year career in Hongxing and the spirit of Hongxing Enterprise.

Advocate the spirit of teamwork, mutual help, teamwork and courage, courage, innovation, and dedication. We oppose each other's own politics, shirking responsibility, disregarding discipline, and the small wealth is small, and the small is full and self-sufficient. Conservatism continues to leapfrog toward strategic goals. Core Values----Development View

Focus on the main business of packaging, to serve the real economy and the public for the purpose, grasp the development direction, strategic positioning, customer positioning and business focus, learn from the latest practical experience, strive to improve the level of specialization, and constantly consolidate the foundation of high quality sustainable development, dedication To build a 'hundred-year enterprise' and achieve a long-term foundation.

Core Values----Talent View

Adhere to the people-oriented principle, build a good atmosphere of caring for talents, caring for talents, and developing talents, create a good atmosphere of talents and talents, promote fair and decent people, and dare to take on the talents of talents, and build a management mechanism and institutional environment for meritocracy and meritocracy. Realize the harmonious development of Hongxing and outstanding talents in the pursuit of common cause.

Core Values----The Concept of Risk

Actively adapt to the new normal requirements for risk management, and make forward-looking judgments and policies to effectively lead the business direction and maintain the risk bottom line. With a prudent attitude and professional ability to choose the risk that can withstand, continuously improve the ability and level of anti-risk, pursue value creation after business risk, and effectively balance business development and risk management.

Core Values----Management View

Firmly establish a sense of compliance with laws and regulations, strengthen the bottom line thinking, comply with regulatory requirements, and accept management constraints. In the consistent management structure and clear organizational structure, the digital and intensive management capabilities are continuously improved and work efficiency is improved.

Core Values---Performance

In the new economic situation, we will get rid of the extension of the scale of development, such as scale expansion, rapid growth, and quality, and pursue high-quality, sustainable development ideas and business results to achieve balanced development of quality and efficiency. The road to quality development.

Hongxing work policy, business philosophy and business main line, work policy, result orientation, optimization process benchmarking market, responsibility to people, business philosophy, return to the source, highlight the main business, fine professional, coordinated development of the main line of business, strict compliance, quality Excellent management and strong ability.